Golf in Czech Republic

We have 119 golf courses in Czech Republic in our golf course database.
Golf was first played in the Czech Republic in the 19th century. Now, the sport continues to flourish with 131 golf clubs and 80 golf courses throughout the country. The best golfing and the most challenging courses can be found near the capital.
The Czech Republic offers a 2 golfers: 1 green fee opportunity for travelers to save you even more money. You can request the vouchers from the Prague Headquarters. The people of the Czech Republic are always going out of their way to help visitors and make sure your visit is a pleasant one.

Golf in the Czech Republic is played from March through November. If you are traveling in the off season consider playing in one of the indoor courses. There are several indoor courses throughout the country.

Derby Slusovice Czech Republic

Derby Slusovice Czech Republic
Golf in Czech Republic presents Derby Slusovice.

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The Longest Recorded Drive on an ordinary course is one of 515 yards by Michael Hoke Austin of Los Angeles, California, in the US National Seniors Open Championship at Las Vegas, Nevada on September 25, 1974. Austin drove the ball within a yard of the green on the par 4 450-yard 5th hole of Winterwood Course. It rolled 65 yards past the flag aided by an estimated 35mph tailwind.
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